Tushar Walzade

Software Engineer · Pune, 411006 · (91) 9970806004 · tusharwalzade216@gmail.com

I am experienced in leveraging agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews. Iterative approaches to corporate strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition.

Professional Experience

Software Engineer

TekWissen - MasterCard

About - A card domain company serving CSR & Corporate clients across the continents.

Responsibilities - A Software Engineer more focused on web development including both UI & UX.

Mar 2019 - Present

Software Programmer


About - A telecom expense management company headquartered in US serving fortune 100+ clients worldwide.

Responsibilities - A software programmer working on frontend web development including both UI & UX.

May 2017 - Mar 2019

Software Engineer

Sanmol Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

About - A service based company serving clients of different domains across countries.

Responsibilities - A Full-Stack Web & Hybrid developer with work experience on domains viz Logistics, Warehouse Management, Advertisement etc.

June 2016 - April 2017

Software Engineer Intern

Sanmol Software Solutions

About - A service based company serving clients of different domains across countries.

Responsibilities - A Full-Stack Web developer intern exploring the power of different web technologies.

December 2015 - June 2016


University of Pune

Master of Science
Computer Science with specialization in Scientific Computing

GPA: 3.5 / 6

June 2014 - June 2016

Sangamner College, Sangamner

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

GPA: 6.5 / 10

June 2011 - June 2014


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • User Interactive UI
  • Build Backend
  • Backend-Frontend Integration
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum


Commercial Portal

Summary -

A multi-tenant card-domain application to provide facility for multiple clients & user types like Branch, CSR, Corporate, Admin. Some of the key functionalities includes Selling/ replacing cards, reloading/ unloading them, closing accounts, view balances & transactions, token services, inventory management etc. This application strictly follows the served country’s compliance rules & regulations.

Problem Statement -

An existing project scope deals with providing services to the CSRs/ Branches/ Corporates who actually sell the cash passports (cards) to the end customers. Where the cash passports are the types of cards in which amounts for multiple currencies can be loaded so that the card can be used across countries. It facilitates cards for compensation, per diem, expense & normal cards in physical as well as virtual modes. The two old customer facing portals were generically built for all clients and upon the basic functionality; but with lack of UX, so it failed to engage users. The technology stack was also outdated & been hard to maintain.

Solution provided -

Introduced a brand new unified portal for all type of users like CSR, Branch and Corporates with proper RBAC. The new multi-tenant portal ships with nice user engagement and updated technology stack along with lot of new features and regional compliances. As a RBAC app, different kind of privileges can be created & assigned to different users with multiple roles, which is useful for limiting the specific functionalities to required users.

Key benefits/ Achievements -

Now tons of happy users (CSR/BR/Corporates) are using the new portal & avail the required functionality at ease of configuration and accesses in the portal itself.

Role -

To incorporate new features coming from product owners into portals with provided access controls and provide users a good responsive user experience which is approved by product owners in an Agile way of developement.

Technologies - AngularJS, Scala, Play, Oracle
March 2019 - Present

Product Configurator

Summary -

A configurator portal to achieve multi-tenancy for Consumer & Corporate portals. Configurations includes site-wise assets, privileges, languages, SSO etc. An authorized user can provide/ restrict specific functionalities to the desired client website.

Problem Statement -

In old immature systems, achieving multi-tenancy was a real challenge. It was not even possible to configure different assets, languages & privilege kind of stuff for each individual client websites.

Solution provided -

Introduced a new product configurator portal to configure required assets, languages, privileges etc. for each client so that the multi-tenancy can be achieved perfectly.

Key benefits/ Achievements -

Now thousands of clients can be onboarded into the CSR, Branch and corporate portals with a few steps of configuration

Role -

To implement configuration parameters as per the requirements & update the configurations according to the corresponding impact area.

Technologies - AngularJS, Scala, Play, Oracle
March 2019 - Present

Portal Mappers

Summary -

A portal which extracts information from PDF. Extracts Invoice summary and details for an invoice & transforms it into the user readable format. An RBAC application with roles like Admin, Inventory/ Invoice User & a Translator User. JS Charting widgets are used for graphical representation of reports.

Problem Statement -

Company gets ~600 GBs of information per week from telecom operators on behalf of the clients, which is being processed manually by 3 different departments - inventory, invoice and contract which were used to massage an input so that it can be uploaded into Sakon platform. Where inventory needed building of adapters and mappers, invoice requires invoice data extraction and edi processing, contracts and invoices both requires translations. Development teams were written those adapters, mappers and all the necessary processing logic in a multi-tenant application infrastructure. So inventory and invoice departments used to provide their raw files received from the clients to the developement team & developement team then used to run their appropriate adapters/ mappers on given input and provide the required data to them; which actually used to take around 9 months to process. There was no unified interface where services can directly be given to inventory, invoice or similar users without the direct involvement of development team.

Solution provided -

Provided an *unified interface* to the users so that they don't need to come to the developement teams. We have coupled the things required to process all the inventory, invoices, addresses, translations together with one portal. So, the portal was unified with all the functionalities required for the inventory, invoice & contract departments along with proper role based configurable access controls so that the inventory users can only see their functionality on their login. There he just needed to upload the raw data file & get the output instantly on the same UI. The users were of type - inventory, invoice, admin, translator etc.

Key benefits/ Achievements -

Reduced the processing time from 9 months to a week and the product being used like a charm for internal operations. Now the same amount of resources can handle 300 times more clients. And management can easily get the analytics in the form of interactive charts at their fingertips.

Role -

Developement of the Unified User Interface from scratch including everything, for example user experience, RBAC, authorization & authentication, analytics, D3 charting, validations, responsiveness, deployment & many more.

Technologies - Angular 2, Jasmine, PapaParse, D3JS, Play framework, JAVA, MS SQL server, PDFBOX
March 2018

Majhe Manmad

An Informative Android/ Hybrid app for Manmad & Nandgaon city, which covers administration contacts, schools, transports, picnic spots, farmers, hospitals, classes & many more categories. Live here with ~10k installs.

Technologies - Ionic, Angular, TypeScript, MySQL
November 2017

Address Normalizer

Summary -

A Utility for address normalization and geocode lookup using Here APIs. Takes a file of raw addresses as input & outputs fully qualified addresses.

Problem Statement -

Inventory team used to receieve raw addresses in their inputs, for which they were putting days of efforts to achieve the full postal addresses out of it. So they required a utility which can normalize the given addresses for them.

Solution provided -

Developed a utility in the same unified interface with a new role for address normalizers. They simply need to upload a csv or a text file with raw addresses and get the processed output with instant normalization.

Key benefits/ Achievements -

Optimized the resource utilization by redecing their manual work of address normalization. Replaced lot of efforts by a period of several moments.

Role -

Development of the unified user interface from scratch and provide necessary roles for address normalization.

Technologies - Angular 2, Jasmine, Scala
June 2017

Contract Translator

Summary -

A portal which translates PDF contracts from one language to another language. In this we extract OCR or read pdf files and the translate using BING or Google.

Problem Statement -

Invoice and contract departments required language translations as a service because they were previusly spending their big amount of capacity on doing manual translations. That was actually taking days & months of their time.

Solution provided -

Provided an unified interface in the same application with a new role for contract translator. Where a user just needed to upload his non-english input file, select the desired language and get the output file on the same interface.

Key benefits/ Achievements -

Now contract translation doesn't require hours of efforts or a designated resource, any user with contract translator role can simply translate the contract with ease of access and in a fastest way anyone can think of.

Role -

Development of the unified user interface from scratch and provide necessary roles for contract translation.

Technologies - Angular 2, Jasmine, Play framework, JAVA, MS SQL Server, ABBY Cloud OCR, BING translate API, Google translate API
June 2017

Embedded PowerBI

Summary -

Analytics utility using which analysts can create their own reports for their allowed clients data and management can quickly identify how a business is doing using simple interactive charts. RBAC & PowerBI's Row Level Security is used for access restrictions

Problem Statement -

As a unified interface for all the utilities including adapters and mappers was NOT present, analysts had hard times collecting all the business statistics.

Solution provided -

Embedded the PowerBI into the developed unified interface with RBAC and Row level security in PowerBI, so that a specific analyst can only access data for the allowed clients and do self service reporting as well. Also, management can easily keep a track of the business analytics & identify how a business is doing.

Key benefits/ Achievements -

Analyst users are now able to create their own reports in PowerBI along with the RBAC & row level security so that they can work with report related to their own designated clients only. And management can track the business stats in the unified user interface.

Role -

Integration of PowerBI into the developed unified user interface and provide appropriate access controls to the users.

Technologies - Angular 2, Jasmine, Play framework, JAVA, MS SQL Server, ABBY Cloud OCR, BING translate API, Google translate API, PowerBI
June 2017

An Admin Panel for Beauty App

A web portal for admin, who will manage beauty stores & the corresponding users.

Technologies - AngularJS, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Strongloop, PostgreSQL
April 2017

A Beauty App (Salon Alfreej)

A cross platform mobile app for beauty stores & the corresponding users. Provides services like exploring and booking services provided by the Salons, beauty parlors or similar shops. Compiled for Android & iOS.

Technologies - Ionic, AngularJS, Bootstrap, NodeJS, Strongloop, PostgreSQL
February 2017

Warehouse Management System

A RBAC based website made for a warehouse, which automates all the manual work of a no. of warehouses at a time. The roles are - Admin, Staff & Agent.

Technologies - PHP, Yii2, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, MySQL
August 2016

Admin Panel for Logistics Website (Goodwill Cargo)

A RBAC based portal made for a logistics website, which automates the manual work of a no. of logistics documents. The roles are - Admin, Staff & Agent.

Technologies - PHP, Yii2, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, MySQL
May 2016

Event Organizer

A RBAC based portal made for a logistics website, where proprietors can register their own business, advertise it and a common user can hire/buy an event which he wants on some clicks & rate to respective proprietor etc. A fully responsive website with both admin panel and a frontend for a common user. The roles are - Admin, Proprietor & a General User. The site content is controlled by admin.

Technologies - PHP, Yii2, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, MySQL
March 2016


Apart from being a web developer, I enjoy most of my time being outdoors. In the holidays, I am an avid trekker.

When forced indoors, I practise flute and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technolgy advancements in the development world.

Awards & Certifications

  • Extra Mile Award for Dec. 2017 at Sakon International
  • Employee of the Month for Nov. 2016 at Sanmol Software Pvt. Ltd